Word Wit: Charades!

Fun casual game for small party and get-together. Team up with one of your friend, and guess as many words as possible in charades – heads up game! Pick a deck of cards from animals, foods, landmarks, and more. Thousands of words to keep you entertained, with additional word packages available for purchase.

Upbeat Mind: Positivity Trainer

Inspired by cognitive bias modification (CBM) therapy, Upbeat Mind helps you retrain your brain and shift your attention on positive stimuli. The objective of the game is to spot positive cues among neutral and negative expressions.

Ara Pairs

For the lovers of match-two game and emoji, this would be a match for you! Ara Pairs is a memory game which your task is to find a pair of the same objects. The game is polished with a sleek and intuitive interface so that you can concentrate more on finding the pairs.

Ara Mines

Ara Mines is a mine sweeping puzzle game, redefined with a polished and intuitive interface. It is designed for both phone and tablet. With a dark and minimalist design, Ara Mines takes away the distractions so you can concentrate on finding all the landmines.

Ara Sudoku

Ara Sudoku is all about the core gameplay of Sudoku, a popular logic-based puzzle game, with polished and intuitive interface. With minimalist, dark theme, it is intuitively designed to minimize distractions to let you focus on solving the puzzle.

Reclamo: LED Display & Scrolling Text

Turn your device into an attractive LED display board! Give sign or cheer people at concerts, matches, etc with a handheld display. The display board is available in many styles and effects, which is further customizable. It allows you to create and save multiple display boards beforehand and quickly run one in a single tap.

Waro: Answer Card

Have you ever been unsure about something? Stop plucking flower petals to get an answer! Waro Answer Cards is a card deck which has answers for your wondering minds. Simply ask your question, shuffle the cards and pick one among 100+ answer cards. And be amazed with the answer it gives that you are looking for.

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