A Complete Rewrite of jQuery Wheel Color Picker

It’s been two years since the first version of jQuery Wheel Color Picker plugin is out. Now the brand new version 2 is finally released featuring a complete rewrite and so many new good things to try! Complete Rewrite So the question is, why should we have a complete rewrite? Isn’t the first one is […]

Wheel Color Picker 1.2 is Out!

Despite the two months age of the Wheel Color Picker plugin since its first debut, it is already used in various websites across countries. Therefore I am happy to announce the new release of jQuery Wheel Color Picker plugin! This new version adds some new exciting features and fixes: Setting preset value is now supported. […]

Windows’ Junction Point a.k.a “Symbolic Link”

Ada yang pernah denger Windows Junction Point? “Wah belom om, kalau Pluit Junction tau saia.. Riau Junction juga.. tapi kalo yang satu itu sih baru denger..” Wah bukan2.. Junction Point disini itu bukan mall, bukan plaza, bukan juga tempat jalan2 ato tempat belanja. Tapi ini fitur dari Windows. “Hah? Fitur jendela om? Emang buat apa […]