Nualus is now Aralus

As we are striving to be better and better, we decided to rebrand our name to Aralus. The new brand still holds the same alluring values, and it’s now easier to pronounce and remember too! Along with the change, we are still committed and hope to keep delivering high quality solutions.

What’s in a name?

After conducting a survey, we found out that the old name was rather difficult to pronounce, especially by international clients. Since we belief that a legacy is identified by its name, we felt the need to come up with something easier to pronounce while still representing the same values we hold.

And there, Aralus /aralus/ we have.

While having the same meaning as nualus, which means wonderful, the change of its prefix “ar” makes it plural. We want to make wonderful things, multiplied.

What’s next?

Following the brand name change, website domains, email addresses, and other smaller details will be gradually redirected to the new ones. The migration of domain names and emails are seamless so you don’t have to worry. We will still receive your emails even if it is sent to our old addresses.

Thank you for your continuous support. Let’s get better each day together!