Purging Plurk Posts

After my last attempt to purge all my tweets at Twitter. This time I was removing all my plurks at Plurk, a less popular yet unique microblogging site. While there are apps for deleting entire tweets, I didn’t find one for Plurk, except a python script. At first I was deleting it one by one using the delete button. But it’s so time consuming and a pain for my fingers to point and click on all my 2000s posts.

So I decided to semi-automated the process. In case you also want to delete all your plurk posts like me, and somehow ended up reading my blog, here is how I did it with a small script I wrote. This script worked when I purge my plurk back in June 2016. Social media sites, including Plurk, often update their sites. So I don’t guarantee it would work if it’s been long since that day.

Anyway, here is the script and how to do it.

1. Go to your plurk profile page. Then change the timeline filter to My plurks at the bottom left of the timeline view.

Switch to My plurks to see only your own posts.

2. On your web browser (Firefox / Chrome) right click anywhere on the page and click Inspect Element. Developer Tool window will open.

Developer tool with the Console tab open.

3. Go to Console tab and paste the following script.

$ = jQuery;
function removePlurk() { 
    removePlurkTimeout = setTimeout(removePlurk, 1); 

The above script will delete posts visible in the timeline. I call this semi-automated because you still have to manually click the confirmation dialog and scroll through the timeline to load more posts to be deleted.

WARNING: The above script will permanently delete your plurk posts. I have told you beforehand and I hold no liability with any result of your use of the script.

To stop the script, type the following code or simply reload the page.

That feeling when you finally reached the date you first plurked and removed them all.

Basically that’s it. And now my Plurk and Twitter profile are cleared already. My next task would be purging Facebook posts, which is technically more challenging. I will write out later on why I decided to purge most of my social media accounts at this blog.