New Logo for Nualus in 2015

Nualus logo, old and new

By the end of 2014, we have been developing our new logo to better represent our values, visions, and what we do at Nualus, as well as fine tuning the color scheme to make it more applicable. That the logo has been finalized, we can’t wait to introduce you our new logo. So, please welcome the new Nualus logo!

The new logo incorporates improved two bay leaves element and nualus text, alongside with new color scheme and a few additional elements.

Nualus text

The nualus text has been improved with more curvy font in blue-turquoise color to emphasis the quality of our products/services, reliable yet good looking and user friendly.

Bay leaves

The two bay leaves are now made clear with addition of midrib. Bay leaves in green symbolizes victory and healing. Yes, we are eager to help you to go to success with our products/services.

Pixel islands

Pixel is a common unit for computer display measurement. It symbolizes our business in IT industry. While the islands (nusa) depict our vision to reach out regions and nations. This pixel islands element replaces the optional text “digita nusa” in old logo.


The dove well represents our core value to deliver products/services which are useful for humanity and made for goodness.

Although the new logo is made in 2014 and introduced in late 2014, we prefer to call it 2015 logo, since the new logo are expected to fully replace the old one by 2015.