Launching New Nualus Website

Alongside with the new logo, we are happy to present the new Nualus website! The new website features more appealing design, with addition of small effects here and there.


The new design brings in softer look, new color scheme (to match the new logo), and a new white header bar.

The blog section (this page) was also given a good treatment. Albeit being powered by Blogger, the look and feel of the blog section is consistent with the main website.


While the contents in general remain the same, the services page got the most content revision as we wanted to inform about our services more specifically. Plus a list of additional services available for each of our service. If the main service is not enough, additional services are available to satisfy your needs.

As one might wonder, what is the meaning behind the company name Nualus Digita Nusa, we have re-articulated the definition, now covering all the three words. Spoiler: the name’s all about values, business, and visions of the company. Read more on the about page.

Well, December is coming. And now is time to say goodbye to the old website. And welcome the new website!