A Complete Rewrite of jQuery Wheel Color Picker

It’s been two years since the first version of jQuery Wheel Color Picker plugin is out. Now the brand new version 2 is finally released featuring a complete rewrite and so many new good things to try!

Complete Rewrite

So the question is, why should we have a complete rewrite? Isn’t the first one is already working. In the first version, there were fundamental limitations that we couldn’t add new features to it.


A few new features to name:

  1. Multiple instances. Now one page can have multiple color pickers!
  2. Alternative layout. Beside the color picker popup, There’s a new ‘block’ layout to keep the color picker visible at all times,
  3. New HSV (HSB) color space. In case you need this value.
  4. Color sliders. There are 6 color component sliders, S, V, R, G, B, A, to allow user select a color precisely. And they could be hidden if you don’t need it. By default, only the wheel, saturation, and value sliders which will be displayed.
  5. Preview box. In addition to live preview on the input box, there’s an additional preview box on the popup.

Grab The Code

The new versionĀ  2.0.3 can be downloaded here.